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9 v 9 Teams

Are you a talented footballer born in 2013, eager to transition to the full-fledged 11 v 11 format? Our 9 v 9 program is the perfect stepping stone for your football journey!

Why Choose OuR 9 v 9 Program


Tactical Development

Learn the tactical nuances of 11 v 11 football, including offside rules and strategic positioning.


Skill Refinement

Enhance your technical skills, decision-making abilities, and work ethic through tailored training sessions.


Expert Coaching

Benefit from the guidance of UEFA-qualified coaches who are passionate about your development.

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Dynamic Training

Enjoy a mix of outdoor and indoor futsal sessions, maximizing your skill development and game understanding.


Competitive Preparation

Get ready for the 11 v 11 competitive league and cup competitions with confidence.

Join Our 9 v 9 Family!

Experience the thrill of 9 v 9 football and prepare for a successful transition to the next level.

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