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Euro 2024 legacy project

The team at on the ball academy are instinctively driven to give back, its what we do!

Our Foundation, Charity registration (SCO 51357) continue to support those most in need and contribute to local groups such as foodbanks, homelessness services and children's charities.  All our staff and players contribute regularly to several charities throughout the city and offer free sessions to ensure that no child or family misses out on opportunities relating to football and exercise opportunities.

I am thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking initiative from On The Ball Academy, where I serve as Executive Director. Our charity, rooted in Glasgow, is committed to harnessing the transformative power of football to enrich the lives of children. Today, I am delighted to introduce our Euro 2024 Legacy Project, which aims to create a lasting impact on our community.

The Euro 2024 Legacy Project is a multifaceted endeavour centred around providing 1000 footballs to schools across Glasgow. On the week beginning June the 10th, our team will visit every primary school in Glasgow and deliver each classroom, focused on primary school kids, will receive a high-quality football, fostering physical activity, skill development, and social interaction among students. Our project also encompasses a week-long celebration of football during Glasgow Schools Week, featuring various events and culminating in a thrilling tournament at Toryglen.

At On The Ball Academy, we recognize the profound impact that football can have on young lives. By equipping children with the tools to play and enjoy the game, we aim to promote physical health, develop crucial life skills such as teamwork and resilience, and foster a sense of belonging within the community. Our Euro 2024 Legacy Project is driven by the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of football, regardless of background or circumstance.

How: To bring our vision to life, we are launching fundraising efforts to raise £12,000. These funds will enable us to procure high-quality footballs, ensuring a positive experience for every child. Additionally, we are partnering with local schools, community organisations, and volunteers to facilitate the distribution of footballs and coordinate the week-long celebration of football during our festival of football week. Through collaborative efforts and collective passion, we will create a meaningful and sustainable impact on the lives of Glasgow's youth.

The legacy project will thereafter provide one kid from six of our local schools an opportunity to attend our monthly classes complimentary and provided with an On The Ball Academy kit.

The Euro 2024 Legacy Project will primarily focus on 140 primary schools across Glasgow, reaching students from diverse backgrounds and communities. The distribution of footballs and the festivities during our festival of football will take place citywide, with various venues and locations hosting events and activities. The highlight of our project, the football tournament, will be held at Toryglen, providing a central and accessible location for participants from Primary 7 across the city to come together and celebrate the beautiful game.

In conclusion, I invite you to join us in this remarkable journey of empowerment and transformation. Whether through fundraising, volunteering, or advocacy, your support will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Glasgow's youth. Together, let's harness the power of football to inspire, unite, and create a legacy that resonates for generations to come.

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Homeless Christmas Appeal

Our Christmas homeless appeal raised the following:

  • 45 Sleeping bag

  • 45 Food Packages

  • 45 Christmas Gift Bags with hot clothing

Our team were in Glasgow on Christmas Day delivering items to those most in need.


We run camps throughout the year and two of each are absolutely free for kids of all ages; this provides an opportunity for kids from all backgrounds to get access to first class coaching and ensures no one has to miss out.

foodbank appeal

On The Ball Academy support a network of food banks and together we provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in Glasgow. 

We are fortunate to benefit from some of the most generous and courteous people in Glasgow who support our regular appeals.

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