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1-2-1 private 

Whether you're a budding foundation player aged 5-8 or a dedicated academy player, we cater to your individual needs. With flexibility in mind, our sessions are available seven days a week at a location convenient for you.

Our track record speaks volumes. We've successfully nurtured pro youth players and provided top-tier training for international talents, including Celtic F.C star Owen Moffat. Join us on the path to excellence, where personalised coaching meets your unique aspirations. Book your session today and experience the On The Ball advantage. 

Foundation 1-2-1

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Academy 1-2-1

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Pro youth 1-2-1


ELite 1-2-1 (Pro)

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What is our 1-2-1 training?

What should i expect at my 1-2-1?

Welcome to On The Ball Academy – Your Premier Destination for Personalised 1-2-1 Football Training!

Elevate your game with our expert coaches, specialising in tailored sessions designed to enhance individual skills and performance. Whether you're a budding talent or an aspiring pro, our 1-2-1 training focuses on key aspects such as technique, agility, and strategic play.

Why On The Ball Academy?
Individualised Coaching: Our sessions are crafted to meet the unique needs of each player, ensuring targeted development.
Expert Coaching Staff: Train with experienced coaches passionate about unlocking your full potential.
Results-Driven Training: We prioritise measurable progress, aiming for tangible improvements in your game.
Flexible Scheduling: Tailor your training to fit your busy schedule with convenient time slots available.

Ready to elevate your game? Book your 1-2-1 training now and experience the On The Ball difference! 

Feedback: Initial assessment and on going live feedback via our customer portal on our website. 



Here's what you can expect:

Tailored Coaching: You will be met by one of our fully qualified UEFA coaches who will devise your dedicated session, focusing on areas for improvement and strengths specific to your playing style.

Expert Guidance:*Train under the expertise of our accomplished 1-2-1 coaches, passionate about nurturing your skills and maximising your potential.

Customised  1-2-1 Training Plan: Receive a personalised 1-2-1 training regimen, incorporating drills and exercises aimed at refining your technique, agility, and overall performance.

Game Strategy Insight: Gain strategic insights into your playing role, fostering a deeper understanding of game dynamics and decision-making.

Our 1-2-1 approach has contributed to the success stories of numerous players, whether you are pro youth or beginning your journey, On The Ball 1-2-1 is the place for your development.

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