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Our Mission & Vision

On The Ball Academy is committed to providing our young footballers based in Glasgow with a safe, fun and energetic environment in which they will improve their footballing skills.

Our research into player development has identified that an individual's talent can often be sacrificed through focus on team development.   We understand that the best players improve through individual practice and we are committed to improving players through periodised coaching which is player specific focused on developing "game ready" elite footballers.

We have a team of coaches who are committed and dedicated to excellence; we focus on individual development and are committed to ensuring our students are furnished with the skills, confidence and understanding on how to improve their game.  

Our Academy is a community based club and is build on our passion for providing kids of all backgrounds and ages with an opportunity to learn and develop; we passionately believe that all kids should have equal opportunities to develop their skills and our community interventions provide the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills.

On The Ball Academy. Open to all...committed to excellence.


Assesment, plan, do & review.

On The Ball Academy has developed a curriculum which is focused on improving individual performance through a variety of learning techniques. This includes working directly with our players at our weekly performance school, and through utilising online resources and individual training plans.   

Our performance classes use the SPD Model (Structure, Progression Development) which are theme specific to optimise success for our desired objectives. A typical session consists of:

  • 15% Warm-up

  • 40% Main one (Theme-specific practice)

  • 40% Main two (Game-related practice)

  • 5% Cool down & feedback

Our players are always on the ball! And our Hunger, Application, Technique and Speed mantra ensures that our students learn and grow in every session.

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