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elite small group session

Experience elite training with UEFA-A licensed coach Ryan Docherty.  We have designed small group sessions which are age specific limited to 6-10 players, for personalised coaching, advanced drills, and professional insights. Elevate your game with customised training plans focusing on technical skills, tactical understanding, and fitness, all in a supportive and motivating environment.


Learn from Ryan's 20 years experience of Elite youth football development and benefit from advanced drills and strategic insights, the coach helps players refine their ball control, passing, shooting, and defensive techniques. Additionally, Ryan instills essential attributes such as discipline, teamwork, and mental resilience, preparing players to excel both on and off the pitch.Learn game strategies, enhance your ball control, and develop the confidence to excel on the pitch. Don’t miss this chance to take your football skills to the next level!

Program Highlights

Expert Coaching


Led by UEFA A Licence Coach Ryan Docherty who has 20 years experience working with elite players, including internationals.


Personalised Attention

Small group sizes ensure individual feedback and tailored training.

Comprehensive Development

Focus on fitness, technical skills, teamwork, and tactics.


Session Breakdown

Warm-Up 15 min


Dynamic Stretching

Lunges, high knees, butt kicks, and leg swings to prepare muscles and joints.


Light Jogging

Gradual increase in intensity to elevate heart rate.


Activation Drills

Agility ladders and mini hurdles to enhance coordination and readiness.

Conditioning Drills 20 Min


Interval Sprints

Improve speed and endurance with short, high-intensity sprints followed by rest periods.


Shuttle Runs

 Develop agility and acceleration through quick directional changes.


Plyometric Exercises

Build explosive power with exercises like box jumps, burpees, and lateral bounds.

Technical DrillS 25 Mins


Dribbling Circuits

Master close control with cone drills designed to improve footwork and agility.


Passing and Receiving

Enhance accuracy and speed with one-touch passing exercises.


Shooting Practice

Increase goal-scoring ability with varied shooting drills from different angles and distances.

Tactical Drills 25 Min


Small-Sided Games

3v3 or 4v4 games to promote quick decision-making, teamwork, and positional awareness.


Positional Play Drills

Focus on maintaining team shape, effective pressing, and spatial coverage.


Set Piece Practice

Work on both attacking and defending set pieces like corners and free kicks.

Cool Down 15 Mins


Static Stretching

Improve flexibility and aid recovery with stretches targeting major muscle groups.


Light Jogging/Walking

Gradually bring heart rate down.


Team Talk

Recap the session, provide constructive feedback, and set goals for future training.


Key Benefits

Elite-Level Training

Experience professional-grade drills and exercises.

Tactical Acumen

 Gain a deeper understanding of game strategies and positional play.

Increased Fitness Levels

Build stamina, strength, and speed essential for peak performance.

Skill Enhancement

Refine dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques.

Team Cohesion

Improve communication and collaboration within the team.

Why Choose Us?

social skill.jpg

Small Group Sizes

Train under coaches with extensive experience in football coaching and player development.


Qualified Coaches

Train under coaches with extensive experience in football coaching and player development.


Proven Track Record

Join a program with a history of developing successful players.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

 Train in a top-notch environment equipped with the latest training tools.


Affordable Packages

Competitive pricing with options for single sessions or discounted packages.


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