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5 v 5 Teams

Kickstart Your Football Journey with On The Ball Academy's 5 v 5 Program!

Are you eager to experience the thrill of playing with a goalkeeper in a traditional format? Our 5 v 5 program is the perfect introduction to the beautiful game!

Why Choose Our 5 v 5 Program?


Expert Coaching

Learn from experienced coaches who are passionate about developing young talent.

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Skill Development

Enhance your technical skills, decision-making abilities, and game awareness through focused training sessions.


Fun and Engaging Environment

Enjoy a positive and supportive atmosphere where you can learn, grow, and have fun.


Competitive Opportunities

Participate in matches at all levels in the Glasgow and District Youth Football League.

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Clear Development Pathway

Start your football journey on the right foot with our comprehensive 5 v 5 program.

Join Our 5 v 5 Team!

Experience the joy of 5 v 5 football and lay the foundation for a successful football career.

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