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Revitalising our community:


   On The Ball Academy are aware of recent reports in relation to our proposal to transform the Old Danes Drive Bowls site in Scotstounhill.  We are aware that there is information which contains misleading information and would like to provide the following update to clarify our position.


   At On The Ball Academy, our visionary proposal to metamorphose the local park into a dynamic hub that caters to everyone. Recognizing that change can evoke uncertainty and give rise to certain apprehensions, we are committed to addressing these concerns candidly. We extend a warm invitation to you to actively participate in shaping a future for our community that gleams even more brightly.


1. Enhancing Accessibility and Inclusivity


The Problem: The park, though a communal space, has become uninviting due to neglect and crime.


Our Solution: We aim to make it an attractive space for all, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity. Our collaboration with Glasgow City Council, Schools, Community Groups, Housing Associations and local residents ensures alignment with community needs.


2. A Proven Track Record


The Problem: Previous lack of engagement and worn-out condition of the area.


Our Solution: Our initiatives have positively impacted lives, especially the well-being of young people. We're committed to addressing the deficiency of available facilities.


3. Free Access and Community Support


The Problem: The perception of reduced inclusivity and access by local residents.


Our Solution: Our facility will be open to local residents free of charge for 40% of the week. We're offering 1000 hours of free football education for people in the local area and establishing a referral service to address financial constraints through a hardship strategy.  Our proposed timetable includes free play for children every single day and our monthly subscriptions remain the cheapest for similar services in the area.

4. A Commitment to Green Spaces


The Problem: Overgrowth and dead trees in the green space.


Our Solution: In our proposal, we outline comprehensive enhancements such as the revitalisation of the surrounding green space, the removal of dead trees, and the consistent maintenance of grass cutting. These combined efforts are geared towards yielding a park that is visually elevated and aesthetically enriched. It's important to note that our plans for the green space have been meticulously crafted in collaboration with Glasgow City Council, adhering to the guidelines and objectives set forth by the green space strategy.


5. Addressing Parking Concerns


The Problem: Worries about parking around the park.


Our Solution: As of now, parking-related issues within the park's vicinity have not come to our attention. It's pertinent to highlight that a significant portion – specifically, 80% – of our service users reside within a mere mile radius of the park. This fact leads us to be optimistic that a considerable number of these families will choose to either walk to our facility or utilize the enhanced cycling lanes that have been put in place.

Our recent Gala day serves as a noteworthy example of the positive influence our activities can wield. With more than 150 children and families participating, the event was undeniably a remarkable success. The inclement weather on that day did contribute to a higher number of vehicles in the vicinity. However, it's crucial to differentiate this occurrence from our standard classes. Our classes are deliberately structured to accommodate a maximum of 25 children along with their accompanying families. This distinction results in a substantial contrast in traffic volume when comparing that particular day's situation to the projected traffic for our regular classes. Furthermore, we have received subsequent reassurances from Police Scotland confirming the absence of any parking-related complaints on the occasion.



6. Collaboration and Community Engagement


The Problem: Potential resistance to change and concerns about local impact.


Our Solution: We're dedicated to fostering collaboration with local organisations and engaging with all members of the community. Our project aims to create spaces that cater to the needs and aspirations of the local populace.

7. An Invitation to Collaborate


Your Role: We invite you to join us in making this project robust and successful. Your insights, concerns, and collaboration are vital to ensuring that this transformation truly reflects the needs and desires of our community.


So, we believe in the potential of our community and the positive impact this project can have. We're committed to transparency, collaboration, and the well-being of all residents. Together, we can breathe new life into our community, creating opportunities and spaces that enrich lives.

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