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"Scoring Goals Off the Pitch: On The Ball Academy's Impactful Charity Contributions"

Growing up in Glasgow, I had the privilege of being surrounded by some of Scotland's most talented footballers. Those early experiences on the pitch not only honed my own skills but also ignited a passion within me to uplift those around me.

Now, as the Chief Executive of On The Ball Academy, my team and I are dedicated to addressing the challenges facing young people in our community, particularly during times of economic hardship. That's why we've redoubled our efforts to provide job opportunities for local school-aged children, reaching out to schools like St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School. We've implemented a comprehensive training program, spanning four weeks, to enhance their skills and confidence, offering them formal entry into our academy's training scheme and employment opportunities.

At On The Ball Academy, we're more than just about football. We're about instilling hope and empowerment. Our employ-ability program is just one facet of our commitment to our community's youth. In the coming weeks and months, we're intensifying our training programs, incorporating IPAD technology and feedback mechanisms on our website to enhance the learning experience.

Our mission isn't confined to the football pitch; it's about giving back to the community that shaped me and ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their circumstances. At On The Ball Academy, we're not just shaping football players; we're shaping futures filled with promise and opportunity.

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